“Interdisciplinary research to analyse the relationship between ethics, law and psychosocial as well as medical sciences”

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The project is situated in the EC’s ICT and Health Programme within the 7th framework (science and society)



Date and location for the 5. Meeting will be the 18th and 19th of January 2012 at the University of Utrecht (Netherlands), hosted by Prof. Marcel Verweij

The project team from Greifswald is visiting the workshop Ethics in Security Research” held by the European Commission in Brussels (Belgium)

The project team from Linköping (Sweden) is going to present their PHM-related work on various international conferences and workshops in Switzerland, Lithuania and Sweden

The project team from Greifswald (Germany) is going to present posters on their PHM-related work on two conferences in Berlin

On the 4. Meeting at DeMontfort University Prof. Bernd Carsten Stahl gave a talk on ETICA, a PHM-Ethics “sister” project

On 14th and 15th of July 2011, the project group meet at DeMontfort University in Leicester (United Kingdom) for their 4. Meeting, hosted by Prof. Simon Rogerson and his team