“Interdisciplinary research to analyse the relationship between ethics, law and psychosocial as well as medical sciences”


The aim of PHM-Ethics

The aim of the proposed collaborative research project is to scientifically conduct interdisciplinary research to analyse the dependencies between ethics, law and psychosocial sciences in personalized health monitoring (PHM) in relation to the major types and steps of this very dynamic part of IT-development from a European perspective. The objective is to develop a European approach to the combined regulation of ethical, philosophical, legal and psychosocial constraints.

Project phases

Phase 1
In the first project phase, the development of PHM will be reviewed to identify core steps that delineate major changes from an ethical, legal and psychosocial point of view. At the end of project phase 1, the taxonomy and dependencies map will be validated in an international expert workshop.

Phase 2
The aims of the second project phase are to develop and test an interdisciplinary metho-dology or a standardized operating procedure that allows assessing PHM technologies regarding their consequences on specific steps of the taxonomy.

Phase 3
The third project phase is related to the dissemination and exploitation of knowledge and research products, with regard to policy making and implementation of technological innovations.